Thursday, July 7, 2011

Roswell/Ruidoso, New Mexico

Roswell sucks, almost as much as Richmond. There’s some bullshit alien landing that MAY OR MAY NOT have happened back in 1947 and the whole town is still riding that shit with corny t-shirts and museums in 2011. Get over it already and find something new. Here is a pic of some ‘Alien Shit’ anyway.

We wound up staying in Roswell for all of about 20 minutes before moving on to Ruidoso. We got the most bootlegginist cabin you could imagine. I’ll let the video speak for itself, but the cabin was only $20, it was dark, and we had no idea where or when we would find any shelter for the night.

In the town of Ruidoso, we hit up the local Billy the Kid casino/racetrack. Shit was awful – virtual blackjack, virtual craps and virtual roulette all suck in reality. Plus those bastards run the horses at 1pm when it’s like a 100 degrees out, I’m surprised PETA doesn’t picket around the place. We moved on to the casino which was much more happenin'. They had real table games and a poker room. Both Jimmy and I did our best JoeBurger impersonation and took the New Mexicans’ hard earned dollars without hesitation. Not sure if it was our awesome poker skills or if they just don’t know shit about poker, but I think we just ensured we have enough gas money to make it all the way home after this. After leaving the 'Haunted Cabin of Death' this morning, I came across a pure black cat, so I’m not sure if I want to go back to the casino…

New Mexico is beautiful in terms of landscape, it’s in a tie with Tennessee right now, but there’s still plenty left to travel.

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