Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fort Worth, Texas - Willie Nelson 4th of July BBQ

Houston was city-ish, Dallas was city-ish, Forth Worth is REAL MO’FO Texas, old western style signs, Cowboy hats EVERYWHERE, All Day, Every Day. Accents all around, people doing dip, dressed in American flag clothing, and unabashed, shameless drinking. We spent the whole day at Billy Bob’s Texas, the world’s largest Honky Tonk for the Willie Nelson 4th of July BBQ picnic. It seems the further away we get from jersey, the nicer people get. People come from all over for this thing, from New Mexico, Arkansas, and all over Texas, with some driving 6-7 hours to come see Willie, grab a hotel, and then go home the next day. Said they ain’t got nothing better to do where they from so why not?
Back in New Jersey, I’m an adequate dancer. I know some moves and can pretty much wing it if I don’t. However, that shit does NOT fly round these parts. I was looking at the dance floor, taking notes, and just itching to get out there. Some 40 year old woman comes up to us and says ‘her friend’ wants to dance, would either of us like to dance with her. I was hesitant Jimmy immediately replies “Oh he’s an EXCELLENT dancer!” She then brings over this beautiful, young Latina looking blonde and we giddily hit the dance floor. It was all downhill from there.

I ask her if she knows the ‘El Paso’ to which she replies “Huh?” So I grab her and attempt to do what I consider dancing. After several attempts, she says “What are you trying to do?” to which I reply “I have NO idea!” I then asked her to two-step and she says ok, but apparently jersey skills don’t translate to the Texas floor. She then says “We can’t do this, we gotta get outta here.” She runs of the dance floor, grabbed a real cowboy from what I can tell and got on the dance floor immediately and started ripping it up.
Despite my dancing failures, it was an amazing day. After telling tales of Jimmy’s stick driving adventures, some 18 year old girls must have been eavesdropping because they went up to JB and said “We heard you can’t drive stick… My car’s stick, I drive stick every day.” Guess everyone isn’t nice around these parts. The performances were great. Drake - if you haven’t heard him and you like country check him out, best performance of the day. Also Craig Campbell is badass. Willie was actually the worst of all the day’s performances, but everyone around there talked about him as if he was a god. (FYI: 78 Year Old Willie Nelson got arrested after the show. I guess he is pretty bad ass.)

In the words of JB “Being a traveling Cowboy is tough. We’re on the road all day, stopping in towns for mere hours before moving on.” I will use his wisdom and witty one liners to create some country music, as we are headed to Odessa, Texas to go camping for the night. (Song till pending).


  1. holy shit

    about time you guys did some good partying

  2. Actually Joe, it sounds like Dennis partied... sounds like Mr Brown took a nap.