Thursday, July 7, 2011

Odessa, Texas

Since we were heading west we decided to meet up with one of the Odessa locals who we met at the Willie Nelson picnic. Odessa is five hours west from Fort Worth and we needed a place to stop since Texas is so damn big. So we made our way to Odessa and we decided to camp it up at some local RV and tent camp ground called the Midessa Oil Field. It was like a hidden camp ground in the middle of the desert but it was good enough to call home for the night. They had a nice pool, bathrooms, showers and even electricity (sorry no internet, it wasn't that fancy).

We had Tara and her friend Catelyn come visit our camp ground and hang out for a few drinks. While they were at our camp ground they taught us the wonders of 'planking' and I still don’t understand it very well but here is a photo of what the kids are doing these days.

Before we hit the road again the next day they brought us out to lunch to get some official Mexican food. They said it was in the shady part of town but it still looked nice to us. The strangest part about the restaurant were the stalls in the men’s room where you can basically rub elbows with the guy next to you.

They also helped guide us towards our next destination which happens to be Roswell, New Mexico. They say there’s all kinds of crazy alien shit out here so we figured its on the way, so why not check it out. Our main goal tonight is to get to the local casino/race track because we need to make some money.


  1. (Insert Brokeback wise crack here).

  2. You've pretty much nailed how I feel about #planking.