Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 8 - Dallas

Dallas was pretty badass, we got here and immediately hit up one of the hottest spots around, the local “Wash and Dry”. It had to be 150 degrees, but Jimmy needed some fresh underoos and I couldn’t let him go alone, not after what happened in New Orleans. We hit up a few places on Main Street and things were kind of dead so we cabbed it over to McKinney Ave to the Idle Rich Pub. It was the best bar we’ve been to so far, despite the fact that ‘Petty Theft’ on the stage and would not play anything other than Tom Petty… The locals seemed to like it. The girl situation picked up a little bit, we went 0 for 5 but put some pretty good swings on the ball. These Dallas girls are scared of our Jersey dart skills (who could blame them?). Dallas is one of the top spots of places I would consider moving to. It seems easy to make it in this town, we had a bouncer telling us how kick ass his job is, and our cabbie said he owns 2 houses and lives the sweet life. Headed over to the Willie Nelson BBQ Picnic now. We were warned to watch out ‘if you mess with wrong person, those cowboys are tough.’ I’m not scared cause I got Jimmy in my corner and these Texas boys don’t know about our Jersey Jitsu. Breaking out the ‘woman’s’ cowboy hat for one more spin to see if it works outside of Nashville.

We didn’t take any photos of Dallas, so here is a photo of me writing this blog…

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