Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 6/7 - Drove, Drove & Drove Some More

Honestly there isn't much to talk about, we drove from Nashville to New Orleans. It was a long 8 hour drive to New Orleans and when we got there the Essence Music Festival ( was going on. So you would be like "Oh Great" a music festival is in town but to be honest with ya it really wasn't our scene.

So we did what ya normally do in New Orleans take a walk and check out Bourbon Street and then we ended up going to Harrah's to play a little poker. After poker we decided we didn't need sleep so we headed to Houston, Texas which was at least 4 1/2 hours away. We arrived in the Houston area around 9 am. We passed out for a while and tried to sleep off the miserable experience known as Essence Festival.

Texas-shaped Belgian Waffle

Friday, July 1, 2011

Cribs - The Road Trip Version

Here ya'll go. We had to hustle and find a damn Starbucks here at Harrah's casino in New Orleans.

Day 5/6 - Nashville... Again?

We started off the day with two options: make our way to Alabama and camp or stay another night in Nashville. It was an easy choice so we decided to stay another night in Nashville and hit up the streets of Broadway one more night.

To start our second day out in Nashville we decided to change hotels so we went from staying in the luxury of

the Best Western to the more cost effective Howard Johnson that was just outside of Nashville. On the plus side the Howard Johnson had a nice pool and that’s where Dennis decided to write a song as you saw in our last blog post.

First stop of the day was the Country Music Hall of Fame. I don't know what to say about it but it was nice and if you happen to be in the area you should check it out. We did learn that there is no country music in New Jersey (see picture). Then we roamed the city some more and hung out on some bridge.

After a long day of touring the city we decided to cool off in our pool at the Howard Johnson. We did get a light workout in and swam some Warrior laps in the pool. It was actually a good break from all the driving we have been doing. So we rested up for a few hours and chatted it up with our loyal blog followers then we made our way back out to the streets of Nashville.

(End Jimmy/Begin Dennis)

We went back to our favorite bar from the first night and the night started off promising. Two girls walked in wearing panties that read

“I heart D*ck” The first girl was wearing said panties over her sweat pants, but the second girl had to drop her pants to expose the matching pair... Gotta love these classy Southern Belles. Moving along to the next bar, the action stayed hot as some dude got arrested and thrown out by bicycle cops. I thought it may have been Jimmy for a minute, but luckily he was safe. The night was fun as bounced back and forth to a bunch of different bars, but still couldn't find any line dancing. Upon entering Alabama, we stopped by the side of the road to take a photo and Jimmy took another crack at the wheel, almost ending our lives for the umpteenth time.

We stopped and did a little video in Mississippi, so that video will be uploaded as soon as we get real wifi, but here are some pics from the Nash...

Breaking News: Greenville Karaoke Video Surfaces

Some how the video of us singing "Santeria" has surfaced. This is what happens when Jersey boys party with Carolina boys.

A blog post about last night and today's events will be coming somewhere between our 8 hour drive to New Orleans. Special thanks to all our loyal blog followers and a special shout out to T-Money. He wouldn't leave me alone about his shout out so here you go Money. I actually said to Dennis last night that I kinda feel like T-Money tonight because I get to chill in the passenger seat and never have to drive.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 4/5 - Nashville, Tennessee

Apparently, not the manliest hats on the block...
Alright so I finally learned how to get the car in first gear and I drove all the way out here to Tennessee (well almost). It was actually nice scenic drive through the mountains and I managed to not get us pulled over by the police (I wonder if a Jeffro Card would work out here in Tennessee).

We ended up staying at the Best Western some where in the center of town. We made sure to call our tour guide Mr. Jeffro so he can fill us in on where not to go in Tennessee and of course some of the hot spots to check out.

So our first night out here wasn't as eventful as one would like (or many of our blog followers would like) but anyway it was our first night out here in Nashville. We started our bar hopping at Legends and bounced around most of Broadway. Before you know it each bar turned into a two drink bar and we decided to call it a night.

Since our first night out here wasn't filled stories of beautiful women,, Dennis decided to write a song about it. So instead of me rambling on and trying to remember what happened last night here you go. We would like to dedicate this song to all our passionate blog followers back home in Jersey and around the world.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 3/4 Greensville, NC / Calhoun, GA

When we woke up in North Carolina, Jimmy's friend went to work and just left us in his apartment, saying to "lock up" when we left. How you can trust 2 hooligans from NJ that you met the night before in your apartment for the day brings "Southern Hospitality" to a whole new level for me. I guess Max the Lion Dog is a good judge of character so he knew we weren't shady.

Tuesday was mostly driving. Jimmy still can't get the car into first gear, but he's not allowed to leave Georgia until he can at least make the speedometer needle move. We got to my sister's house around 10pm, she has 3 dogs - two of them are Chihuahuas and they are both named JoJo... welcome to the deep south! We woke up early on Wednesday and went for a Warrior jog. Everyone in Georgia has a dog, no one uses leashes, so every other house we ran past had dogs chasing us down the street, keeping our pace at a Warrior level throughout.

Pictured - the dog not named Jojo and Warrior jogging through Calhoun.

When leaving this morning, I backed my car into a ditch outside my sisters place, but we were able to snap the bumper back in and no damaged is noticeable. Jimmy finally got the car into gear and got us into Tennessee, he has 120 miles under his belt. I call him Juggernaut cause he's not too good driving local, so we filled up the tank, I drove the car to the highway and then he gets it gear and nothing stops him (like that guy from X-Men.)

In advance, we would like to apologize to Jeffro and Burger who keep telling us our blog is lame. We'll try to step it up tonight in Nashville with more booze and women as you requested... However, those stories will only be available through the Fee-based blog site with a premium membership. Most major credit cards are accepted and proceeds will go to the "Dennis needs a new clutch" foundation.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 2: Arlington, DC, Richmond, Raleigh & Greensville

We started off the day with a nice breakfast with Dan, Tiff & baby Olek in Arlington, Virginia. After breakfast we took a trip over to Obama’s house. The White House doesn’t really look that big in person but anyway, he wasn’t home so we wandered around DC for a bit then started making our way to Raleigh, North Carolina. We did take a detour through Richmond, VA and I’ll just say this “Don’t stop there!” It’s kind of gangsta out there but if you do happen to go to Richmond lock the doors and stay in the car.

After our detour we ran into a really bad thunderstorm so we took a little break and started our search for the nearest bar. Our search lead us to a minor league baseball field which was closed (navigation systems suck) that failed so we just headed to Raleigh. We really had no idea what we wanted to see in Raleigh so we just pulled into the first bar we saw in the navigation system and it happen to be called the Flying Saucer. It was actually a great find if you like beer they got 100s of beers on tap and if you can drink 200 beers you can get your name on a plate on the wall. We tried to drink 200 beers but we stopped at four.

Next stop was Greenville, NC to chill with my friend Matt. We started off the night with a challenge “Who can party harder” North Carolina or New Jersey. Let’s just say Jersey hung in there and fought hard but at the end of the night NC ended up being a little too much for Jersey. We ended up going out to this Pool Hall and they had karaoke so we gave it our best and tried to sing “Santeria” and failed miserably but I think Matt has it all on video, hopefully that video never surfaces. Afterwards we headed back to the house to hang out with Max the Lion Dog and crashed.

So far today I’ve failed to drive stick 2 times. They say third times a charm.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 1 - Baltomore/Arlington

First, I am required to mention that Joe Hickey had a record setting day at the poker table on Saturday evening. Congratulations Joe! Also, Jimmy rode the bull at Game-On and stayed on for a total of 4 seconds, yes there is video (see Bobbo for viewing).

The official trip started from Atlantic City at around 11AM, Sunday EST and we made it to Baltimore around 2:30ish. We walked into Camden yards and as soon as we sat down, the O's hit 2 Home runs and took a 5-1 lead. Up to this point, our diet for the day consisted of peanuts and gummi bears, so we decided to balance that out with some $1 hot dogs, chocolate ice cream, and tall boy cans of Beck's. After the game we sat around the harbor to chill for a few. After exploring the harbor and refusing to give about 40 bums "a dolla'", we ate an Irish Pub overlooking the water and then headed to Arlington, VA to crash at Dan and Tiff's for the night. We passed through DC on the way there and saw some monuments and historical things on the way... Today we're heading to Raleigh for a bit and then camp overnight somewhere nearby.