Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 4/5 - Nashville, Tennessee

Apparently, not the manliest hats on the block...
Alright so I finally learned how to get the car in first gear and I drove all the way out here to Tennessee (well almost). It was actually nice scenic drive through the mountains and I managed to not get us pulled over by the police (I wonder if a Jeffro Card would work out here in Tennessee).

We ended up staying at the Best Western some where in the center of town. We made sure to call our tour guide Mr. Jeffro so he can fill us in on where not to go in Tennessee and of course some of the hot spots to check out.

So our first night out here wasn't as eventful as one would like (or many of our blog followers would like) but anyway it was our first night out here in Nashville. We started our bar hopping at Legends and bounced around most of Broadway. Before you know it each bar turned into a two drink bar and we decided to call it a night.

Since our first night out here wasn't filled stories of beautiful women,, Dennis decided to write a song about it. So instead of me rambling on and trying to remember what happened last night here you go. We would like to dedicate this song to all our passionate blog followers back home in Jersey and around the world.


  1. best blog so far..... u hit every avenue awesome
    i have so many stories to tell you guys when u come home ... keep on rocking u two little free birds

  2. Dennis, nice song. My question is, how do you distinguish the difference between a cowgirl hat and a cowboy hat? Sure, I could look it up... but I want to hear how it was explained to you.

    James, I have nothing to say to you. Do something exciting.