Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 3/4 Greensville, NC / Calhoun, GA

When we woke up in North Carolina, Jimmy's friend went to work and just left us in his apartment, saying to "lock up" when we left. How you can trust 2 hooligans from NJ that you met the night before in your apartment for the day brings "Southern Hospitality" to a whole new level for me. I guess Max the Lion Dog is a good judge of character so he knew we weren't shady.

Tuesday was mostly driving. Jimmy still can't get the car into first gear, but he's not allowed to leave Georgia until he can at least make the speedometer needle move. We got to my sister's house around 10pm, she has 3 dogs - two of them are Chihuahuas and they are both named JoJo... welcome to the deep south! We woke up early on Wednesday and went for a Warrior jog. Everyone in Georgia has a dog, no one uses leashes, so every other house we ran past had dogs chasing us down the street, keeping our pace at a Warrior level throughout.

Pictured - the dog not named Jojo and Warrior jogging through Calhoun.

When leaving this morning, I backed my car into a ditch outside my sisters place, but we were able to snap the bumper back in and no damaged is noticeable. Jimmy finally got the car into gear and got us into Tennessee, he has 120 miles under his belt. I call him Juggernaut cause he's not too good driving local, so we filled up the tank, I drove the car to the highway and then he gets it gear and nothing stops him (like that guy from X-Men.)

In advance, we would like to apologize to Jeffro and Burger who keep telling us our blog is lame. We'll try to step it up tonight in Nashville with more booze and women as you requested... However, those stories will only be available through the Fee-based blog site with a premium membership. Most major credit cards are accepted and proceeds will go to the "Dennis needs a new clutch" foundation.


  1. Jeffro woke me up last night, just to tell me about this blog. All I have to say thus far is, I am disappoint.

  2. There is no defense

    6 out of 10 elbows too pointy