Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 1 - Baltomore/Arlington

First, I am required to mention that Joe Hickey had a record setting day at the poker table on Saturday evening. Congratulations Joe! Also, Jimmy rode the bull at Game-On and stayed on for a total of 4 seconds, yes there is video (see Bobbo for viewing).

The official trip started from Atlantic City at around 11AM, Sunday EST and we made it to Baltimore around 2:30ish. We walked into Camden yards and as soon as we sat down, the O's hit 2 Home runs and took a 5-1 lead. Up to this point, our diet for the day consisted of peanuts and gummi bears, so we decided to balance that out with some $1 hot dogs, chocolate ice cream, and tall boy cans of Beck's. After the game we sat around the harbor to chill for a few. After exploring the harbor and refusing to give about 40 bums "a dolla'", we ate an Irish Pub overlooking the water and then headed to Arlington, VA to crash at Dan and Tiff's for the night. We passed through DC on the way there and saw some monuments and historical things on the way... Today we're heading to Raleigh for a bit and then camp overnight somewhere nearby.


  1. Solid start. Make sure you guys stay away from New Mexico..... wild fires and fires that are wild. You should have documented a gummy bears and peanuts only diet through your travels.

  2. First off I would think that your road trip started Saturday night when I lined up shot after shot after shot after shot after shot... Then we picked apples, played ping pong, washed laundry and tore up north wildwood. Then we ended with a breakfast of north wildwood party pizza with a side of fries from the d of mickey. Good luck and godspeed my lil gopher.. One

  3. Hopefully that bull riding video never finds its way to the internet.