Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bearizona, Hoover Dam, & Vegas!

We decided that our most logical route of travel would be to head to Vegas and then Lake Tahoe. You guys are probably starting to think we are just touring the casinos of the US but you'd be completely wrong they just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

On our way to Vegas we ran into a few tourist traps first one being Bearizona. We heard from our campground neighbors that Bearizona was pretty cool and we just happened to run into in on our way so we decided why not check it out. It was alright, it was kind of like the six flags safari but they let bears and wolves walk right up to your car. The bears weren't that big so I guess it was pretty safe. My one complaint is we only saw one wolf and he was just sleeping so that was kind of bullshit. The funniest part of Bearizona was probably the dancing bear at the end of our tour (apparently they love Bloodhound Gang).

One bullshit wolf (on break).

So after Bearizona I took over driving once again. I had some trouble getting the car in gear again but that's not even news worthy anymore (I still suck at driving stick). Probably the best scenic drive has to be driving through Arizona to Nevada. The drive had a lot of mountains and stuff and it was just a cool ride the whole way to Vegas. Anyway we have got to be the dumbest tourist ever because as we are driving along we just happen to see a sign that says Hoover Dam 1 mile away. We had no idea where the Hoover Dam was but we were lucky enough to run into it so we said why not make another stop.

On this video, we learned that when you zoom in on the camera during video, the audio cuts out, but you can still take in the scenery.

Since I can't drive stick as well as one would like yet, Dennis takes over when we pull off the exit to the Hoover Dam. We pull up to security and the guard asks Dennis "What do you have in the car?" Dennis says "A lot of stuff." It's probably not the best answer one could say so the guard has us pull off to the side to check the car. Luckily for us it wasn't the most thorough
check they just had us open all the doors and pop the trunk. It was a quick check and we were on our way to see the Hover Dam. The Hoover Dam was really nice its right up there with the Grand Canyon. Here's some pictures.

Eventually we did make it to Vegas and that's all I can say about that.


  1. That bear definitely does like Bloodhound Gang.

  2. You should have liberated the dancing bear and took him to Vegas with you. Dancing bear beats Mike Tyson's tiger any day! BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!