Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random Video Driving through Nothing Town, Nevada

Life on the road isn't glamorous. Showers are few and far between, the road is long and hollow, we've gone through 2 iPods and there isn't song we haven't heard twice. We have to wait for new music to be written to hear something new. This video is the road. This is what its like being on the road, slipping into delusions, talking about dumb shit, wondering when the next gas station will show up, how much you have left in your bank account, how shitty it would be if the car stalls since its 10000 degrees when you roll the window down for 2 seconds. The road doesn't care if your tired or sweaty or hungry. Or that you have enough gas to make it to the next town. Or that your car is sputtering up the side a mountain cause there is no other way out. Vegas feels like it happened weeks ago. Max the Lion Dog seems like it happened in a past life. This is the road and it is unforgiving.

Written by Dennis

Ya'll are in luck we messed up and uploaded the wrong video so you get a bonus video.


  1. how the fuck am i not the #1 follower..... I call up with live natural disaster updates... i give warnings of evil casinos.. I posted the first and currently the last comment

    this is bullshit, that beef jerky is mine

    I even give local news to you fuckers

  2. Ok guys, had a shitty day at work, so I'm taking it out on you.

    First... Dennis. In that 1st video, you needed to stop driving like a bitch. You need to pass that mofo. If there were any signs saying "No Passing"... they're full of shit. At the one point I thought you were going to pull it off...... but no, you slowed down. That fine layer of sand on the road, it's there to help you drift.

    Second... Just a tip, but never bury dead hookers in the desert! Hawks, eagles and vultures don't have shovels.

    Third... JB, you guys already determined that if you zoom while recording video, you lose the audio. With that in mind, was there really a need to zoom in on a Subway sammich shop that you're driving TOWARDS? Jussayin'. I'm sure we didn't miss anything exciting, but picture this... You and Dennis, driving down the road, talking about me, and Dennis goes "Bone sure is a" and that's when you zoom in. You leave people to speculate as to what Dennis was going to say. Most of the blog followers are filling in the blank with things like "nice guy", "good looking dude" or possibly "piece of shit". We can’t let that happen.

    Seriously, be safe out there. West coast people drive like morons.

  3. Fuck you Joe. You're posts are weak. I'll let you watch me eat that jerky, then I'll let you smell my breath. Pop off!