Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reno Nevada / Elko Nevada / Idaho

Lunch on the beach...

After our bro-lunch down on the lake, we hopped in the car and drove around to check out Tahoe. It’s an amazing, beautiful area with lots of life and crazy scenery. We left from there and went to Reno just to check it out. Since Harrah’s owed me from all the gambling, we stopped at Harrah’s Reno to grab a free lunch. The place was called ‘Hash House a Go Go’… I have never heard of the place before stumbling upon it, but the food was crazy good. It was considered ‘twisted farm food’. Someone please open one of these places in jersey.

We decided to rough it from there and head straight to Yellowstone. After a few hours of driving through the dessert we stopped at a town called Elko, NV just to take a break and check out the local scene. The small towns off the map have been the most interesting and this was no exception. The place was called ‘Club Silver Dollar’ and we could hear awful karaoke from outside, so the place seemed right up our alley. Walking in, we stuck out immediately. Partially because it was a local hang out and partially because I was wearing a white button down, gym shorts and flip flops. Two guys said “Hi” to us and proceed to tell us how wasted they were. Then, some ‘thing’ started walking toward us. I did not know if this was a male or a female, but it came over and tried inconspicuously to molest my hand while looking in another direction as if it weren’t happening.

The ‘thing’ says “Oh Hi! Where are you from?” as if we bunked into it. It happened to be female and its name was Book (rhymes with Duke). Despite being so wasted it could barely stand, Book explained to us how we stuck out and asked what we were looking for – girls, drugs, etc. After telling her we were just looking to hang out and take a break, she asked us if we were married, to which we both said no. Then she asked if we were together, and was under the impression that me and Jimmy might be dating. After clearing things up, she introduces us to two of her friends, which I’ll name Big and Bigger. Big was nice and shook our hands, Bigger wouldn’t even turn from her bar stool to look at us. Among the other shady looks we were receiving from other patrons, we decided that we needed to get out of the Silver Dollar before something bad happened. Book asked us to stay longer and have a few drinks, but nothing we were looking for would have come from the situation. We told her we were going to the casino next door and would come back, then booked it for the door. We did go to the casino for 5 minutes (just to look) and then hit the road to Yellowstone.

We drove straight through the night, stopping only to take a 2 hour nap somewhere in Idaho at around 8am. Then Jimmy took over driving and brought it home to Yellowstone... kinda...


  1. Since you turned them down on the drugs and girls, I'm guessing you still have a nice supply of hookers and baby asprin in the trunk?

    The more important question is, if you can Jimmy aren't dating, why does Jimmy have a picture of you in his wallet?

  2. my question is... what dessert did you guys drive through? a sundae, an ice cream cone? maybe upsidedown cake.... please let me know

    through the dessert - dennis 2011

  3. Hahaha. Didn't even catch that one.

  4. We had a 13-hour drive through the most boring part of the country and lost an hour on the way, just to go to MINNESOTA. Gimme a break grammar police... can I use my 'Jeffro Card' for a pass on that one?

  5. 'F' that Jeffro kid. Everyone has a 'Jeffro Card' except me.. his own brother.