Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Leaving Vegas on to Lake Tahoe

Alright, so we left Vegas after getting beat up back-to-back nights. There really isn't much to say about Vegas other then the fact that we got crushed gambling and Dennis might have a wing in Harrah's named after him.

The drive from Vegas to Lake Tahoe had to be the best scenic drive we had all trip. We drove through all kinds of landscapes and navigated through the mountains on these tiny road ways. They really need to thing about putting up some guard rails on some of these roadways. We got some good videos of the drive up here to Tahoe.

(More videos coming when we get better internet.)

It just so happens that we stayed in another casino here in Tahoe (Believe it or not this is not intentional. We are not touring the casinos of the US). Harrah's wanted 150 bucks a night but right next store at Harvey's they wanted only 50 bucks. The lady at the front desk asked if we minded taking room "666" we just said "With the luck we had in Vegas it probably wouldn't hurt us."

Not a lot of people were here at the casinos or the bars so we just hung out played a few games and called it a night. We woke up early and took a nice walk down to the late and had a nice 'bro-lunch' at this restaurant on the late. We didn't have a beach pass so we weren't allowed on the beach (bullshit).

Next we are making our way towards Yellowstone but it looks like we are going to have to make a stop somewhere in Idaho. Possibly Twin Falls? If anyone knows a better spot leave a comment.


  1. You guys need to liven up! Drive faster! When a car on that small ass road in the middle of nowhere is going slow as shit...you pass that mofo. You got a Jeffro card sa'll good! (Prob not but ya know) As far as places to go in Idaho...you guys should hit up Bannock Peak Casino or ItSe-Ye-Ye Casino. Oh and I know you guys aren't touring casino's (so you say) so just claim they are strip clubs. It will liven up the blog crowd...just insert strip club in place of casino...it works!

  2. Twin Falls looks like it has some kick ass waterfalls in the area. Probably good for a couple pictures....... and that's about it. :/ However, the crime rate is lower than the national average :) Probably some swell people there. Wednesday will be sunny with a high of around 90 and a low of around 60. But beware! Canyon Springs road is temporarily closed! Also on Wednesday, there will be a Golf Advisory Commission meeting between 11am and 12pm. Things are afoot in Twin Falls!

    How you like that Joe? I'm giving them some local info too. What now?

  3. I guess when credit is due you flip it around and pay in check. But perhaps I'm trying to cash checks my mouth can't afford. The beef jerky might be yours after all. I'm going to have to join the consensus and say WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THE SLOW DRIVING. You are not only traveling the united states as a pair of kids from southern bergen county but you are representing the entire tri-state area.

    Cars on the road are going to see the NJ license plates and think we've gone soft. Step it up a bit. Also I'm going to have to agree with Tony somewhat. Perhaps if you're going to continue to go against my incredible judgement and waste money.. you might as well at least get it done at a strip club or 5.

    Who knows, Jimmy might end up getting married to a stripper and/or Dennis might discover a gig as an Idaho MC at a strip club isn't that bad.

    I want to give you guys advice on the local area but it just seems you wouldn't take it. Also what the fuck happened to Dennis's voice. I've heard of accents happening after months of living somewhere but my god.... you got some splainin' to do

  4. oh also

    Pocatello, Idaho

    is probably your best bet... which is 2hrs east of Twin Falls... look it up

  5. But Joe, the white population of twin falls is 92%. I mean, I can see Furious D not having a problem there, but with a name like James Brown, you're just inviting trouble. I think they should test it out.

  6. pocatello is actually 92.3%... with 21% being english... jimmy will be with his peoples

  7. The stop in Georgetown. It's 97.77%.... and the median income for a family was $37,813. So shits cheap there. We know how fruggle these guys can be.

  8. holy shit, thats almost the opposite of the other georgetown in washington dc

  9. Hahaha. I was actually going to take a trip there one weekend, to check out the Exorcist house, amongst other things.

  10. we should have a JoeyBurger & Mr. Bone travel the U.S. trip... but instead of their casino tour, we'll do a dead hooker tour.

  11. And we won't drive like bitches.